Cover, Move & Pray.

As Chaplains, ( and any Christ Follower) we may be sent by God into situations of crisis, danger and darkness Although under Gods covering and led by the Holy Spirit, is essential that the other team (i.e. other Chaplains) cover the team moving into danger. A chaplain needs to ‘ train their weapon’ looking out and watching for threats or imminent attack by the enemy. Our weapons : the Sword of the Spirit (Gods word), prayer and counsel of the wise.

More than Conquerors

How was Paul able to declare that he was” More than a Conqueror”?

It is the victory of the soul and the spirit, over the external circumstance!

The victory that Paul alludes to is the inner strength of the soul to overcome the external happening around us.

What would Paul say or write of our current situation? Would he spend hour upon hour analysing the social media posts about Covid19, the conspiracy of vaccinations or would he ask about the response of our souls to what is going on around us?

Would he not say, We are MORE than conquerors; greater than what is happening in the world today?