Life is a journey; but like every journey YOU need a map, a plan and a timetable or you will get lost. – Dr Phil McGraw

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Have you ever gotten lost, on your way to a party, a function or perhaps you were in the bush? Quite possible the reason why you got lost was because you either did not follow the directions to the letter, took a wrong turn, misread the map or like most guys do: did not stop to ask directions. Sometimes getting lost can have disastrous results. If you are only on your way to a party or function getting lost may leave you feeling embarrassed, hot under the collar or stressed because you are going to be late. Alternatively, if you are out in the wilderness or bush, getting lost may become danger to your health. you may come face to face with a dangerous wild animal or you may die of thirst or hunger.

Life is pretty much the same, getting lost may result in  you never reaching your destination. A wrong turn may leave you embarrassed, humiliated or stressed because you never quite “get there”, or worse…taking that wrong turn may leave you wondering ‘what if’? What would that party or function have been like, what could my life have been like?

Too many people wander aimlessly through life without direction, without a plan and without any sense of purpose. It is because they do not have a strategy for life, they have no game plan and usually don’t really know where they really want to go.

The reality though, is that when we are born we are not provided with this “game plan” for life by our parents. In fact our parents probably did not have the rule book or a map for life.

So what’s the importance of having a life strategy, or more importantly why have any strategy at all?

Well think about it this way; ever watched a sports game such as rugby or football and it is quite evident that the team playing just doesn’t know what they are doing? I mean, I’m not talking about a lack of talent but a lack of “planning” or direction.

Being the avid rugby fan that I am, I have watched so many games of rugby involving the Springboks or the Sharks where there was just no strategy; The result? Usually a loss, but sometimes its a game that you just switch off. Its boring, lacklustre and devoid of any spark. How true of life in general? If we are only participating in life, not always aware of the rules or how to make the rules work for us and not having any specific plan in place for improving our lot in life, we are going to end up with a life that is lacklustre and devoid of any spark. I know what its like; I’ve been there! No direction, no purpose, frustrated at the mistakes I was making because I had no plan and no idea about the rules of the game.      Experienced that lately? Directionless..without a plan, maybe frustrated even?

When did things begin to change for me? When I developed a plan;                  a strategy for my life. When  I stopped and began asking for directions!

Well STOP! Stop and ask for directions. Get a map, plan your route and start living a life based on a plan you have developed, following directions to a life filled with promise, expectancy and excitement.



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