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Jeremiah 1: 4- 5; 29:11; Hebrews 12:2


“Who am I and why am I here? “ This question has been asked since the beginning of time, throughout the ages, this question has been asked by humankind. This question has been asked by Muslims, Hindu’s, atheists, agnostics, as well as Christians. This question has been asked by guys having a beer in the local pub, the student at varsity, the housewife, the scholar.

Philosophers have debated this question, this question has been theologised and preached about, every person on the face of this earth has asked this question at least once, and I am quite certain that Adam asked this question after he was created.

You and I have asked this question, some more than once. Some who ask this question find the answer, some don’t, many people don’t even realise that the answer is right before them: some people may not even recognize that they have been asking this question.

“Who am I and why am I here? “

The question is so powerful within us, creating such a desire to search for answers that the desire to find the answer will lead people to search in many places, many times the wrong place, yet the answer to this question may only be found in one place: with the creator of the question – God Almighty, who when He created us, placed this question within us.

It is more than just a question. It is a fervent desire to know. It is a deep searching for meaning. It is a question of the heart. A desire of the heart. It is such a strong desire, such a powerful question that when it remains unanswered, there is emptiness and darkness and only when we connect to God do we begin to discover the answer to this question. In other words, when we connect to God, the God of light shines into our hearts and our lives, and the truth is revealed

When we enter into a relationship with God Almighty, this desire to discover who we are and what we are here for begins to find meaning. But if you don’t have that relationship with that Divine Connection, the answer will remain unanswered, and you will remain in darkness and your soul will continue searching for meaning : emptiness will fill your life.

God is the answer to that question. God alone. More importantly, being in God’s presence answers that question. It is only Gods presence that satisfies the yearning fervent desire for truth. As the Psalmist writes, Psalm 84 says “My soul longs for you and even faints for you, my soul is satisfied in your presence.” Only when we are in God’s presence, do we begin to discover why we are here and who we are.

It is only in God’s presence that we find healing, we receive hope we discover our purpose and we begin to live a life that is planned by God, A life of purpose- a life that is blessed, a life filled with the glory of God.

A life in all its fullness – a life living Gods plan in Gods purpose. So, would you like to discover Gods plan for your life? Would you like to discover who you really are, and what you are here for?

Discovery of who we are.

question-mark-620x250  The discovery of self only begins when we discover the truth about ourselves: We discover the truth when we discover God. We discover God, the source of all truth, through Jesus Christ: Jesus said: “I am the way the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father except by me”

Knowing God is not just a matter of praying the sinner’s prayer of forgiveness, and then going to church every Sunday – it’s all about entering a relationship with God and growing & developing that relationship. Let me give you an example… I have two boys. Sweet well behaved boys who are never naughty… Ok, let me rephrase: they’re boys. Boys who love mud, and spiders and insects… and the younger one – Ethan, loves all of the above but he also loves to paint!  When Ethan was about 3, I thought he was really quiet and as I went up to his room found that he had gotten hold of his brothers paint jars – He was blue, and so was half of the room:

I stood there, called out to my wife: “you better get here quickly, because if you don’t, I’m probably going to do something I’m going regret…(I was at Devcon level 5: that PSYCHO Level)  as she took him off to the bath and I started cleaning his room I realised that he and I are so similar: I’m just as “curious, just as naughty…

Both of the boys have my personality and character (my good looks) : they are mini-me’s but the more I get to know them and care for them and spend time with them, the more I get to know myself. Being with them reveals who I am. They reflect me.

It’s the same with God- God created us in His likeness. And the more time I spend with God in His presence, I become more in tune with who I am. God reveals who I am; and through His Holy Spirit- what He created me to be.  His truth reveals my flaws, my brokenness, His loving power heals my hurts and pain, His grace shows me who I can become – He reveals to me who He planned me to be.

This only happens when I spend quality time in worship, in communion, in conversation with God. As I get to know God more, In His Presence, I get to know myself better, I begin to discover the answer to the question “who am I”?

And when I discover more of who I am, I begin to discover my purpose here on earth: I discover why I am here. ( inspired by Rick Warren’s – The purpose driven life)

We don’t discover our purpose through a 7 point action plan or vision casting workshops, neither do we discover what our purpose is through self help books, or Steven Covey’s book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” God’s purpose for you is revealed to you through being in His presence. And this discovery, the revealing of our purpose and of God’s plan for our life, only begins when we seek God with our whole heart.

In Jeremiah 29:11 it states:

“For I know the plans I have for you…. Then you will call upon me, and pray to me, and I will listen to you. YOU will seek me and find me when you seek me with your whole heart”

God’s purpose for us is that we worship Him – in spirit and in truth. We were created to worship Him, with our whole heart, to offer up to God every part of our being, that is our first purpose : To worship God and : To love the Lord our God with our whole heart, body mind and soul and to love others as we love ourselves.

We were created because God desires for us to have a relationship with Him, and ONLY as we come closer to Him in this relationship, does God begin to reveal this purpose.

So many times as I’ve sought to know what my purpose is, I’ve called out to God “LORD send me an email, Fax me, BBM me, Phone me on my cell- just tell me what I’m meant to be doing.

But God doesn’t work like that, God wants to become intimate with us- He wants us to seek Him more and more, to recognize his voice, to recognize His will for our lives, to know his heart, and that will never happen if He tells us in advance what we should be doing over the next ten years.

But step by step, day by day and moment by moment, as we seek His guidance and His will in everything little thing we do, as we seek His presence with our whole heart, He reveals His will and purpose for us.

And in this process we become more like Him, reflecting more of Him, and being more sensitive to His heart, Then God begins to reveal His purpose for your life in a powerful way.

I remember when I first became a Christian; my prayer to God was something like this: “Lord I want to become a healer and I want to matter, I want to make a difference.” At the time, I was unemployed, no money, no skills or knowledge, but I had this desire within to serve God.

As I look back at my life, if somebody had told me then that I would be preaching in front of people, counselling victims of trauma and training others to do the same, I would have laughed at them. But God took my story, who I was; what I had experienced in life and this desire to serve and be close to God, and revealed to me my divine purpose.

My purpose only grew and progressed when I remained close to God in worship, When I sought God with my whole heart. Yet when I moved away from God, and did not seek Him, and allowed myself to be distracted by other desires I temporarily forgot my purpose: in other words: I took my eyes of Jesus.

I have to stay close to God, in His presence to know my purpose.

That is the final and most important part about discovering who I am and knowing my purpose is that I must always remain in God’s presence and in a relationship with Jesus. It is why Hebrews 12 is such an important reminder which tells us: “Let us throw off everything that hinders and so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”

This process of discovering who we are and what our purpose is in God is an on-going process. It is not a once off incident, it is not a short sprint – it is a life-long marathon.

To use another sporting analogy, it is not a T20 cricket game: it is a 5 day test, and your life, your heart and your Godly purpose is your wicket: When you are in, you need to stay in and you must protect your wicket.

But unlike cricket when your wicket you’re out, God’s grace gives us chance after chance – to go back in & bat or to get back onto the track and continue running the race set out before you. in other words, when you stumble and fall, God will raise you up. When you sin and ask for forgiveness –the sin that that so easily entangles- God forgives. However, in this race, this marathon, it is you who must make the conscious decision to continue running. It is you who must throw off everything that hinders and entangles you.

You must make the decision to rid yourself of things in your life that slow you down and prevent you from fulfilling Gods purpose and plan for you. What hinders you? What entangles you?

Will you today make a conscious decision to live your life in worship, to seek God with your whole heart and offer up to God a living sacrifice? To run the race with perseverance keeping your eyes on Christ alone?

So, when you ask yourself the question “ Who am I and what am I here for” What is God’s answer to you, and if you are unsure perhaps that is a message for you to seek God with your whole heart and in so doing discover who you are and Gods plan for you.


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