Be still….Slow down.

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Our lives are filled with noise and busyness. We are surrounded by chatter – in the media, on our cell phones and WhatsApp groups. The radio. Noise. Sometimes its a noise that we become accustomed too – a white noise in the background, a constant purr…or roar.

Its only when the noise stops that we take notice. Imagine trying to hear God in the midst of that noise?

There is another type of noise that fills our lives. Busyness and activity. We run from one school based activity or work function to the next. If we are not at one function we are travelling to one, stuck in traffic with…noise.

I wonder how God gets our attention amongst that noise or busyness?

If God spoke – would we hear Him?   Would God have to shout?

Henry Blackaby in his book “ Living out of the overflow” speaks about the importance of the wilderness in our lives.

After God had affirmed Jesus His son at the River Jordan saying “ This is my Son whom I love” He led him into the desert – the wilderness.But God took his son away, not as punishment, but as preparation for ministry.

As Blackaby says “ The wilderness is quiet, devoid of chatter. Hearing the still, small voice becomes easier. Without the constant buzz of activity, we have time to reflect and think deeply. we have space to pray in the wilderness. In such a venue, God does not have to raise His voice.

sahara desert

Speaking a good friend recently, I was reminded of the importance of taking a break.

Not just any “holiday”  but a mental and emotional break from the busyness of my life. Switching off and taking time to recharge.

The importance of stillness and of moving into the “wilderness” is that this time allows you to renew and restore. You discover time to listen to God.

Time to reflect. Time to switch off and recharge…

Time to be still and know God.

Are you so busy and frantic that God would have to shout to get your attention?

Psalm 46:10

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations. I will be exalted in the earth.”

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