Do not fear–Day 2

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21 day lockdown

2 Timothy 1:7 tells us that God has not given us a spirit of fear  (timidity) but of love, power and sound mind, and Holy Scripture is filled with many encouraging verses telling us to not be afraid “God is with us”

“Do not be afraid, the LORD your God is with you.”

“The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not be afraid”

“When you walk through the fire, I will be with you”

Hundreds and hundreds of scriptures telling us to not be afraid, to not fear, but I am certain many of us have been scared, terrified even. We all experience fear. Fear is a part of who we are, an emotion. Fear can be a healthy part of our make-up, warning us against danger or threat. But fear can be so debilitating that our lives, our relationships, our actions become guided by this fear. Many times,we have an irrational fear within us that is not based on the fear of spiders, dogs, heights or sharks.. But fear of rejection.

Fear of failure

Fear of disappointment

Fear of loneliness

Fear of being shamed

Fear of poverty

I am sure there are many more that I have not mentioned, but these fears guide and influence your relationships, and behaviour and thoughts and emotions, and they will affect your ability to live a life filled with the fullness of God’s grace Love and power.

One person I know of is scared of being alone. She will move from relationship to relationship without pausing to think One relationship ends, and she is already moving into the next. The fear of loneliness is so great that she will overlook glaring issues so as not to be alone

So many people, men and women have a fear of rejection and failure that their lives are defined by decisions and actions to ensure that they are not rejected that they do not fail in life with the result that their lives are filled with hours and hours of emptiness and inevitable life failure and eventual rejection.  That which they fear becomes a reality!

What do you fear?

What are you scared of?

As we journey towards the cross, stuck in lockdown, afraid of what the future may hold or afraid of contracting the Corona Virus. These are rational fears. Fear of injury, pain, death, or even fear that we don’t have the answers to an overwhelming number of unanswered questions.

There is a great difference to having a fear in the moment when faced by danger – but when that fear becomes debilitating it becomes unhealthy.

Here is another fear many have – the fear of death and the fear of the unknown. Consider who you trust in the realm of the unknown. When all is said and done and when that final curtain falls on your life, are you certain about where you shall be for eternity?

If there is anything you should fear, it is not knowing the answer to that question.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, next week or next month. Yes, I need to plan and prepare and show wisdom in all I do; but this I know;No matter what, God has a plan for me and I know where I shall reside should I take my last breath.

Jesus, on the last night before His crucifixion said this to His disciples – “ Do not let your hearts be troubled.  Trust in God, trust also in me. In my Fathers house are many rooms…I go to prepare a place for you”

John 12:1-3

Are you certain you shall spend eternity in Abba Fathers House?


Chaplain Philip Stoneman

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