Unveiling the sovereignty of God

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Everyday in the last 9 days since the Covid 19 lockdown began, I have seen multiple posts by Christians about ‘the beast’, the mark of the beast and conspiracy theories related to 5G and anything else happening in our world today, related to our current crisis and Revelations. Many of these posts are then followed by questions such as “what shall we do?” or protect yourself against this …or that…!”

The underlying emotions generating many of these posts is anxiety, stress, uncertainty and fear or fearfulness! Yet, 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us that “ God did not give us a spirit of fear ( timidity) but love, power and sound mind”   Yet why are Christians so afraid and ‘fearful’ ?

God totally controls what is happens in the world, the universe and in human life! Nothing occurs outside of His will. This is the Sovereignty of God. There is a plan! We may not not understand the plan, but there is a plan. Remember Romans 8:28.  where we are told that “ God works together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose”  This plan is clearest in the book of Revelations, and oft misunderstood and misquoted book of the entire bible.

Yes, when we are bombarded with all the negative news we may feel helpless and prone to anxiety and fear, but Revelations provides us with the ‘promise’ that ultimately GOOD triumphs over EVIL!

Its why God sent His only son to this earth; as part of His plan. When Christ hung on the cross, battered and bruised, bleeding and dying, the disciples would have looked up and in those moments believed that all was lost. The followers of Christ, at His death would have thought the battle was lost. They too were scared. But God had a plan!

                                    The Salvation of the World.

In the same way, God has a plan and is still in control. When you look around you, noting all the social media posts of impending judgement and loss of life, and are uncertain and afraid, look to God. Remember this : He has a plan. Trust that He has a plan.

The last words in the bible in Revelations 22: 20 spoken to the Christ followers in the early Church during great persecution and spoken to Christ followers today are these words :

“Yes, I am coming soon”

Hold onto those words and share the Gospel of Christ. (not as a bible-bashing bombastic “have to tell you this because I’m desperate to convince you to convince myself attitude” but share the good news of Christ, in love and with humility “having the same attitude as Christ”

And when you begin to feel nervous reading those posts, uncertain of the changes in our world, look to Him for strength and guidance. If you are a Christ follower you shouldn’t be worried or concerned about what could happen through new technology or any supposed New World Order. Set your eyes on Christ and Christ alone. Look to Christ for strength. Look to His Word for strength and encouragement. If you don’t, all you are doing is bringing your faith in God and His power and sovereignty into doubt.

Trust the sovereignty of God over all things.

Trust that God has a plan and is in control

Trust God.

                  Amen. Come Lord Jesus, Come!

In His Service,

Chaplain Philip Stoneman


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